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关于举办Young Bae Jun教授学术讲座的通知--2018西邮学术讲座第四十七讲



应我校理学院邀请,韩国国立庆尚大学(GyeongsangNational University)Young Bae Jun教授将于6月28日来我校做专题学术讲座,欢迎广大师生参加!报告的具体安排如下: 

报告题目:Soju structures inBCK/BCI-algebras

报 告 人:Prof. Dr. Young Bae Jun 



报告摘要:We introduce a new structure, so called asoju structure, by combining intuitionistic fuzzy set and soft set. We applythis structure to BCK/BCI-algebras, and introduce the notion of soju subalgebraand soju ideal in BCK/BCI-algebras. We investigate related properties, and definea strong soju subalgebra in BCI-algebras. We provide a condition for a sojusubalgebra to be strong. We consider the relation between soju subalgebra andsoju ideal. We provide conditions for a soju structure to be a soju ideal in aBCK-algebra. We discuss characterizations of soju subalgebra and soju ideal,and consider homomorphic image and preimage of soju subalgebra. 

报告人简介:Dr. Young Bae Jun graduated from Kyung HeeUniversity (庆熙大学) withPh.D. Degree in 1988. He is currently working at Dept. of MathematicsEducation, Gyeongsang National University as a professor. He has visited manycountries such as China, Turkey and Poland as a Visiting Professor. Hisresearch is mainly in the field of BCK/BCI-algebras, fuzzy sets, soft sets andrough sets. He has published a well-known book “BCK-algebras” with Professor J.Meng, and published more than 600 research papers in several reputed journals,with over 200 SCI-indexed papers. 







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