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报告题目:Manipulation of light with subwavelength structures: plasmonics and metasurfaces  




报告简介:Manipulation of light with subwavelength structures becomes promising to realize efficient, highly integrated and miniaturized photoelectric devices. Plasmonic effect and metasurface could be two excellent candidates to meet the aforementioned requirements. Plasmonic effect is able to confine electromagnetic field at subwavelength space with metallic nanostructures, which has been widely applied to enhance various light-matter interactions even at nanoscale, such as photoluminescence, lasing and nonlinear optical signals. Besides, due to its environment-sensitive resonance properties, plasmonic effect has also be designed for trace level sensing of bio/chemical molecules. On the other hand, metasurfaces, consisting of unit cells with dual-subwavelength length scale, i.e. subwavelength lateral width and thickness, can manipulate propagation behaviors and properties (i.e. amplitude, phase, polarization, linear/angular momentum) of light in an arbitrary way. The control performance is comparable or even outperform traditional optical elements plus the expected miniaturized size. In this talk, I will briefly introduce the fundamentals and several typical applications of both plasmonics and metasurfaces.  

专家简介:张磊博士分别于2005年在西北大学物理系取得学士学位,2008年在中国科学院西安光学精密机械研究所取得硕士学位,2012年在香港中文大学取得博士学位。后于2012年至2016年分别在香港中文大学和新加坡国立大学从事博士后研究工作。张磊博士于2016年12月以特聘研究员身份加入西安交通大学电信学院电子科学与技术系工作。张磊博士目前已发表论文30余篇,包括Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Advanced Materials, Nanoscale, Nature Communications等。他的研究兴趣主要包括超构表面、表面等离子体激元和以此为基础的光与物质相互作用过程,并将其应用于光致发光、结构色显示、非线性光学信号增强、生物传感器等方面。  



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